Yoga classes offered for all men - beginners to more advanced practitioners. Some classes will be clothed, some unclothed, some meditation, and some breath work will be offered. The unclothed class is for men interested in the practice of yoga without the restriction of clothing. My goal is to provide an opportunity for comfortable male spiritual community. My goal is to create an atmosphere of self-acceptance, empowerment, and by fostering mutual respect, body consciousness and peer support. While nudity is an intrinsic part of the experience, this class is not designed nor intended to create a sexual venue or to foster erotic energy.


Never practiced nude before?  It's amazing.  Trust me.

It provides us an opportunity to shed the layers - first in the very literal sense of shedding our clothing - but more importantly in the figurative sense of shedding the layers. So often we walk around with layer after layer on us.  These layers can be who we are at work, who we are with our friends, who we are with our family.  It's exhausting. Sometimes those layers can be useful but sometimes we get lost in those layers - - in who our authentic self is -- who we are and who we want to be. This practice gives us the time and space to explore that in a space that is open, honest and nurturing. 


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1.  Is the class sexual?  NO.  If you're looking for a something sexual under the euphemism of yoga, this class is not for you.  There is no sex in the class nor is that the intent.  If that's the kind of thing you're looking for, I'm more than happy to point you in the right direction.  Certainly this class can have an enjoyable sensuality, but this is not sex.  

 2. What happens if you get an erection?  

Ok, I've had more than a few guys ask, so let's go there -- let's talk erections. 

First, you won't get one. I can almost guarantee it. In the 4+ years I've taught nude yoga, the number of guys who have had an erection during asana is negligible. Like seriously negligible. 

The first time you get naked, you might feel a little aroused. You might feel a little uncomfortable. You might have the question, "what the fuck am I doing here?" flash through your head. That's normal. That's to be expected. 

Then as all the guys undress and take their place on the mat, the nakedness becomes oddly normal. Yes, you'll notice other bodies. You'll look at other bodies. Other guys will look at yours. And, for me, and for a lot of my guys, a really amazing transition begins to take place - you'll begin to notice that human bodies are truly amazing. ALL human bodies. And you'll begin to notice another thing... that there is no such thing as a "perfect" body... and the minute you realize this, it changes the way you'll look at and feel about your own body. 

YOUR body is amazing. Your body IS perfect in all of it's imperfections. And that NO ONE is as critical of your body as you are. And then the magic happens - you can begin to let go of that criticism. 

As you practice, you'll notice your body in totally new and different ways. From a practical perspective, there's no hiding anything. For example, if I say engage your quads and you don't, I know it. For your practice/alignment perspective, you'll see other bodies in poses and your own body in poses and learn so much more about yourself and your body than you could have imagined. 

From a broader perspective, it affords each of us an opportunity, literally and figuratively a real opportunity to strip away the facades. We get to step more fully into ourselves... into our hearts. 

And erections during the asana class - they just don't happen. This is my number one question. What happens if I get erect? To which, again, I say, you won't. 

But let's say you do. YOU are my exception to the rule. So what? You're in a room full of guys. The odds are really quite good they've all seen an erection before. I'd put money on it, even. Most guys aren't going to notice and certainly no one is going to care... 

But even more than that, I'll let you in on a little secret... erections are healthy. Erections are good. Erections are flattering. Being in a room full of naked guys can be sensual, no doubt. 

Further, from a more energetic perspective, the kundalini energy, or awaking energy (the Divine Feminine energy) can feel very much like sexual energy. This is good. There are whole yogas devoted to awakening kundalini energy. It's the purpose of yoga. Unite body and mind. Unite heart and mind. Unite body and heart.