Giving Back

I find that one of my biggest issues lately is a matter of staying focused and staying engaged.  We’re constantly barraged with the ways in which our world seems to be crumbling around us - mass shootings, ripping away of environmental protections, extensive cutbacks in funding for women’s health and HIV research and services, bills and legislation targeted against the LGBTQ community. The list goes on and on.  I’m distracted even trying to list out the areas on which we are backsliding.  I tend to vacillate between super super motivated to change the world and falling into despair that the world my son is growing into looks nothing like the world I’d hoped for.  The net result, all to often for me, is inaction.  

Sure, I’d love to be able to donate to so many amazing organizations and to forward thinking candidates.  (Alas, until Lululemon steps up to have me be their spokesmodel, donating the way I’d love to isn’t really an option.  (Well, and there’s the whole ‘don’t like to practice in clothes’ problem with my get rich scheme. Maybe I’ll rethink that one.)) So I get stuck in a rut of how can I help. 

Help doesn’t have to be huge.  It doesn’t have to be showy.  It can be one small step each day.  It can be committing to recycling more (stop taking plastic straws, for one).  It can be volunteering for an organization dedicated to making the world a safe and better place for those less fortunate than you are.  You name it.  Just dive in.  

And it can be FUN.  This will be my 8th year doing the Braking Aids Ride.  ( I would LOVE for folks to get involved.  I know, 300 miles in 3 days sounds daunting - but it’s totally doable.  And there’s amazing support if you can’t.  And yes, the fundraising sounds daunting, but again, amazing support and I’m always shocked at how easily the fundraising happens.  And Housing Works.  Oh my.  What an amazing support of folks in and near NYC who are living with HIV/AIDS.  

Do something.  

Inspire us. What’re you doing to help?